A reversed shirt

For me, the summer sewing officially begins with a transformation of shirt … the cotton suits hot wheater so well like the one which pass right now on Paris.

I collect beautiful worn shirts all the year while waiting for the big solstice. This year I did not depart from the rule and I set my sights on a striped blue shirt that radiates freshness.

As you can see in the photo novel below, the first step is to put the shirt back on the front. Then I removed the sleeves and collar, recovered the wrists to add wings on the shoulders. The longest part has been to make neat finishes, to armholes and neckline. A little knot in front and my new shirt is ready to hit the tarmac.

I’m a little lack of ideas for the next 3 shirts, so I may wait for the holidays to get back to the sewing machine. And you, are you more efficient in sewing rather in summer or in winter?



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