Two shirts together

Last time I was writing about the stock of shirts to be transformed that had a tendency to exceed the motivation to sew them, hence the idea of transforming two shirts to make one single outfit.

I had a striped shirt and another plain shirt that both seemed to get along. The fabric was more than enough to make a dress. Here’s what to do if, like me, you have a passion for upcycling:

– cut the collar and sleeves of the shirt which will be your top

– create two bands in your scraps to sew them in place of the old armholes

– also cut the collar and sleeves of the second shirt

– sew it as an extension of the first shirt, it will be the skirt of your dress

– cut two strips in the two removed sleeves (I preferred to keep the part with the wrist closure) and sew them between the front and the back of the dress

– take care of the finishing and keep French seams as long as you can, your dress will be more beautiful and will last longer. And if you like contrasts, you can leave some raw edges, like I did for the collar.

– wear it, with or without a belt, as soon as the good weather is there

It was a simple and fairly quick transformation. Do not hesitate to tell me in comments if this project tempts you or if you have already tried it.


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