The tweed coat

This year I could not stop thinking of Harris Tweed. I have been envying men’s jackets made of this virgin, rustic but also warm and impermeable wool since so long… When I came across the online sales site j I immediately had a crush on patterns and colors and ordered without hesitation …

You should know that in order to have the Harris Tweed label, the fabric must be made entirely with pure virgin wool, hand woven on loom with walking step by home weavers inhabiting the Hebrides Islands.

So I have got a blue and yellow mustard fabric rather light and but also heavy enough to fall nicely. I made a classical, crosswise coat to practice with the tailored collar, a back seamed sleeve and a passepoiled pocket. In addition to these rather technical parts, it was also necessary to ensure the pattern matches perfecly on all seams.

I went trough somehow long pattern making sessions, being constantly back and forth between my two main sources (ESMOD and Gilewska).Fortunately, the sewing was not very complicated because the tweed is easy to work with. However, this coat has kept me busy between Halloween and Christmas, at a rate of 2 to 3 sessions per week.

I wear this coat quite often now in order to test it on all seams and to optimize the cost per wear.This coat had a little brother by now, in a completely different style, and that will be the subject of a next post.In the meantime, the photos are here to testify the result.


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