The pantsuit

Indian Summer is a concept that I discovered in Paris. This time of the year when summer finally decides to show up, but just to wave its hand before disapearing for 10 months. Indian Summer is a puzzle when it comes to dressing: summer dresses look too “holidays” and autumn outfits are too warm. What to do? A safe value is the linen pantsuit.

When looking for a pantsuit, there is a lot of chances to not find a ready-to-wear model that fits you. We all have “non-standard” shoulders, chest, sleeves or hips so, there will be necessarily a crease somewhere. And we end up getting dressed in jeans or lycra. Is this the right solution?

So you hang on and sew that damn suit, even if it means spending months. Once finished, you will never give it away ! But you need to treat the finishes carefully and to draw a made-to-measure pattern, starting from the basic shell. You also need to add the ease and the tailored collar (tutorials on hold). For pants, you are more than trained:-). For the pockets, free your imagination.

Here is my pantsuit under the golden light of Indian summer.
Until the next post, fill yourself with light and energy, because winter is coming!













4 thoughts on “The pantsuit”

  1. I love the pocket detail on the pants. Very creative. But surely Paris has less than 10 months of winter? Or is April in Paris purely a Hollywood fantasy?

    • Of course we have summer in Paris, but a northern one with suprises, some years April is great, some years it’s freezing

  2. Love the blazer. Interesting you did not line it. Kind of has a structured/unstructured look. Your post makes me want to make a blazer like this.

    • Thank you for your message. No I did not line it as I wanted to leave it as light as possible for summer.

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