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The most wonderful and in the same time annoying aspect of sewing as a hobby consists in its practical and universal side. You can sew everything: curtains, underwear, clothes for dog, dresses for Barbie, fancy costume for children, bibs, lampshades …. But, by a strange coincidence, the seamstress’ friends and relatives are very much productive when it comes to imagine projects of sewing. Yes, you can do anything, but do you want to try everything? It’s like saying to someone who learns to write that he or she might try calligraphy afterwords.

This digression to say that often we confuse the means with the purpose. We do not sew for the pleasure of threading the machine or pressing the pedal, but for creating something beautiful, brought out from our imagination. The rest is labor or challenge.

This man shirt I’m showing you today has gone through several categories. At first it was a gift idea, then, when applying the collar, it was rather labor, and finally, when sewing cuffs, the shirt fell into the category of challenges. In short, a project 100% technical and 0% creative, everything that I do not like, but it was around Christmas and life seemed wonderful …

For this shirt I used a Burda pattern that I slightly modified the collar as the corners need to stay well under the jacket, a detail that I found insignificant before. In a man’s shirt, everything is method, patience and precision. The back yoke, the French seams, the shirt plackets, the damned shirt collar, not a single easy detail. Even sewing buttons to the right place proves a task to be taken very seriously. When finishing this project I had a warm thought for all shirt manufacturers around the world and I wished them a long life and children who sleep late on Sundays.

And there she is, the finished beast. Its owner finally recognized that it squeezes a little and that collar is not quite symmetrical. Girls, you want my advice: avoid sewing men’s shirts, there are people who make them better and keep themselves cooler, do not steal their precious work!








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6 thoughts on “The man’s shirt”

  1. I’m sorry your first experience with men’s shirts was so frustrating. I enjoy it, but I did research and don’t follow the pattern and get great results. If you try again, read David Coffin’ s book Shirtmaking.

    • Thank you for your reference, I definitely read it before starting a man shirt again, which has not a high probability to happen very soon

  2. I think you’re being too hard on yourself–that looks like a perfect shirt to me. If my collar came out that polished, honestly, I’d…well, I don’t know what I’d do, since none of my collars have ever come out looking that polished. Great job!

    • Thank you Maili, in fact the end result is not so bad and I am quite proud of it but still, I tend to compare it with ready-to-wear shirts which are so neat…

  3. I’m also sorry about your experience. But I know, the collar is the most difficult part in a shirt and you can’t sew it in the beginning ! Please look at my leather sewing:
    The next I will try is a pullover with some shawl collar like, something between polo shirt and cardigan – even in brown leather.
    Thank you for your patterns

    • hi Tim, thanks for passing by, great jacket by the way, keep up on sewing, you make original outfits

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