The fabrics for spring 2015

You read well, I will talk about the next year fabrics. This post is inspired from last week «Premiere Vision (First Vision)» tradeshow, the largest international trade fair for apparel fabrics. Twice a year in Paris Villepinte, spinners, weavers, knitters, tanners, textile designers and trends analysts meet fashion designers and clothing manufacturers seeking the starting point for their future collections.

I belong of those who put the fabric in the center of their creation. The feel and the color, the weight, the transparency and the light reflected can inspire me more than a drawing. I am convinced that the technological advances in the fabrics manufacturing will dictate tomorrow’s fashion. We’ve already seen thermoregulatory, bio-ceramic, cosmetical, bio-plastic or connected fabrics. We’ve already heard of electroplating or methods of processing and assembly.

As a fabric lover I took this opportunity to see and touch hundreds of samples. And I have some trends to share with you for the next year.

I saw hybrid fabrics, double faces combining different textures and transparencies. Complementary assemblies of naturals and synthetics, knits and woven, delicate and heavy material. I’ve even seen tri-layer bondings.doublefaces268-LINEAESSE

I saw fabrics with 3D patterns. Graphics into texture.

I saw voluminous but light fabrics that are suitable to summer. Spongy and foamy tweed, knits and fleece.

At the same time, I saw very dense and smooth jerseys as well as supple compacts. Ideal for structured but comfortable clothing.

I saw delicate silkies and feather light voile knits.

I saw transparent shirtings interpreted in a masculine vein such as linen, mercerised cotton or combined wool.

I saw perforated and openworked fabrics, sport mesh and hole-y knits, eyelet embroidery or laser cut-outs.

I saw deliberatly wrinkled fabrics, fine crepons and nonchalant seersuckers.

I saw fabrics that capture and reveal the light with pearly and iridiscent reflections.

I saw a lot of vegetal prints, tropical flowers and exotic gardens.

I saw frehand lines, quick-sketched inks, scrawls, squiggles and hand-painted stripes.

I saw ethnic-influenced patterns transformed through pastel colourways or an acidic paleness.

I saw flowers on lace and bouquets on jacquard, either stylised or hand-drawn.

I saw bleached denim, faded and washed-out colors.

I saw aquatic prints with sea reptiles and strange shellfish. Wet shine reflections and diluted patters.

Photos were prohibited on the show, I saved some from the «Premiere Vision» website. Very happy to discover this site, a bit slow of course, but filled with interesting facts.

In my case, I crave to find oddments for these wonderful fabrics. And you?


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