The camel coat

The biggest fault I find on ready-to-wear coats is that they are not sufficiently warm. Below 10 degrees Celsius, the street starts filling with feather padded jackets and parkas. Even if I find them cool and nice to wear, I would love to see more elegant alternatives to that. Because real furs and sheepskins are so expensive and politically incorrect.

So, I was thinking of sewing a layer of fleece between the coat and the lining. I found a padded and quilted fleece fabric that I used as underlining. After finishing the coat, I realized that I could have used this quilted fabric simply as lining. I’ll get this idea for the next coat.

I made a shawl collar, a little more classic than for my gray coat. I love this type of collar so much that I’m ready to write a tutorial on how to draw a pattern to your measurements and your taste.

I found very large and expensive buttons but then, I realized that big and camel buttonhole machine are very ugly. I did not feel like sewing buttonholes by hand so I’ve covered them with a ribbon that I also used for the pockets and for the coat hem.

For the sleeves, I wanted something large and enveloping, so I extended the armhole beyond the shoulders. And despite what I had read on the Internet, I decided to underline the sleeves too. Today I doubt that my idea has proved so good.

And now place to pictures. To keep a bit of balance, I marked the waist and I put on my heels. Otherwise, I could easily have looked like a cocoon.










It was a long and difficult project with many unexpected problems that I solved in more or less orthodox ways. This is not my best project but it’s definitely the warmest.


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