Striped shirt

There is always a striped shirt in your boyfriend dressing. As stripes mix with almost everything, he is going to put this shirt very often and thus wear it out more than the others. In this precise moment you will pop up to propose him a 2nd life (to the shirt not to the boyfriend).

One year almost passed by since my last upcycling, my stock of silly ideas waited their raw material.

I began by imagining a neckline into the placket. Two benefits: the fabric puts itself slantwise and creates interesting folds; the shirt gets shorter to adapt itself to a XS size.

I needed to cut out the collar and to remove all the surplus of fabric in the back. Sleeves are removed too. I found myself with two enormous side cuts which must be fill in.

I made two triangles for sleeves from what I removed from the back. Last detail, I made two inserts for arms underneath.

And to finish, I made false French stiches where I was able to, and put a biais where I was not able to.

It was not the most serene refashion project because I had to change plan several times along the way but the result is completely wearable. Here we are, my 5th transformed shirt already began its 2nd life in a garden of the Parisian suburb, while waiting for the following transformations.















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