Raspberry Winter

I think the winter should pack up after the last galette has been swallowed. Frankly, the best moments are the shortest and Mrs. Winter should get it by now and wear it off. Frowns, coughing and sniffling, cold and humidity, pretty gifts you brought us White Lady. But I am quite digressing.

So I made a dress full of peps, pink and vitamin C. The fabric is amazing, a heavy wool jersey which stays befitting even after a week of ball draping. Which is not likely to happen because of its flashy colour.

It is a wrap dress. I have performed some sewing acrobatics to close it in front without top stitching. Initially I had planned a zip but I finally told myself that a closed wrap has more character.

A dress that Diane von Furstenberg has always dreamt of inventing … the missing piece of her eternal collections. In short, can not you see how proud I am? And what about my cat/donkey beanie that completes this look? Handmade of course, not by me of course.

And presto, a photo shoot in a children square when toddlers were having their nap and left the backhoe for older children. A still life, this backhoe. And sand that entered in my boots, never lived again. The life of a blogger is definitely full of adventures.













4 thoughts on “Raspberry Winter”

    • Beautiful dress and it looks amazing on you. Is that your own pattern?

  1. Wonderful idea – all autumn/winter dresses should be made in beautiful spring and summer colours – well done!

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