Princess Pink Fleece

Remember this refashion contest I won on Thread & Needles more than a year ago? For my first place, I had a voucher from France Duval-Stalla that I’ve used recently.

When visiting their website, I noticed their fleece offer, fabric that I love so much in winter for its softness and warmth. I chose 100% brushed cotton in candy pink. It marks a little, which is normal considering its composition, but it is very comfortable to wear and almost as warm as a cashmere sweater.

For the cut, I found inspiration into a Zara sweater I bought a few years ago. The fabric was beginning to loose a bit. The original model had short sleeves, I did a winter version:








With the scrapings I sewed two mini-dresses decorated with pink tulle and silver rose piping. The princess can brave the cold now.




One thought on “Princess Pink Fleece”

  1. I love the sleeves. I never would have tried that. Plus I really like how you use your extra fabric to dress your little one. Thanks for sharing.

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