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Sometimes ideas come to us when we are the least prepared to receive them. One day, I let my dreams be written by themselves on a white page, and when I wake up, the story got its meaning. I have not been hit by the grace in the middle of my life, but this new project was like a puzzle that solved by itself in a matter of hours.

From the beginning, I have been carrying several different ideas that were threading inside me, without landing. One day, they have knot themselves very strongly.

The first thread is my desire to create clothes. It appeared at a very early age. I have no idea where it comes from, no one in my family has never shown an affinity for clothing. Or for the arts in general. Aesthetics has always followed the practical side. Things had to be simple, things had to work.

I come from a country that has known standardization and rarity rather than individual expression and abundance. In ’80s, Romania was descending into the hell of planned austerity. Speaking clothes, we were under-consuming as the offer was always below demand. A demand that met only two requirements: children growing up and clothes being worn.

In this gray and dull world, there were also elegant women, truly stylish, those who were finding a model made for export, those who were making their garments by a tailor, those who were wearing a good perfume and a red lipstick, who were standing straight and never have messy hair. These style aristocrats, seen here and there, were the inspiration for my sketches.

There was also the treasury box of my mom: ruby and gold jewelry, high heeled shoes, velvet gloves, silk scarves and fur collars. What could a girl do all afternoon after school and homework, when parents were not home yet? Catwalks.

The second thread is connected to Earth. It emerged after several years of high waste. I was almost 20 when I could touch the glossy cover of a fashion magazine for the first time . The West wind had brought its dust of twinkling stars, its standards of beauty and fashion diktats. And also the seasonal trends, the outdating and the excess. I was suggestible at that time, I could have been remained it all my life.

But behind this deliberate fleeting fashion, there were overfilled dressings, mountains of clothes to get rid of, rotted soles and labels of shame. Manufacturing was entrusted to cheap and exotic hands, and fabrics have become scientific names. In the name of fashion, we were wasting the Earth to produce collections updated every three months. And we were still feeling badly dressed, worse than our parents.

By consequence and by spite, I started making my own clothes. For a time, it was enough for me to get off the circle of large store chains. I succeeded in part. Through my blog, I realized that I was fighting a battle shared by many others, who had started long before I did. Therefore I had to leave my sewing machine to join the ranks of responsible entrepreneurs. Today there is so much talk of ethical and sustainable brands. We all agree with it, we like, but what do green products represent in our annual expenses? And what place do we want to give them?

The third thread is linked to the night. At this time that accounts for a third of our lives. The time of peace, when we do not seek to correspond nor please. This time when we can not cheat with our appearance as we find ourselves in the mirror with our wrinkles and our thoughts. And with the people we love.

The night is related to home, family and close friends, to those who know us well and love us as we are. But this unconditional love is it a good reason to show them worn or boring outfits? To whom do we want to look beautiful? To our colleagues and clients, or to our partners and children?

Night at home we do not have rules nor trends to follow. We are more free in our choices, but unfortunatly, the choices being proposed are still poor in my opinion. I spent several seasons to find beautiful pajamas, of high quality and classic cuts, that do not cost half of a monthly wage. Tired of this fight, I decided to produce them myself.

You’ve got it now, my plan this year is to create limited editions of chic and organic pyjamas, made in France, to be sold on Internet only. I engage myself to produce in compliance with social and environmental standards, while keeping my costs at minimum. To develop and implement this idea, I need you, all along the way, your ideas, comments and suggestions, and your presence.

September will be crucial and if all goes well, you’ll discover the first model by early October. A Facebook page has been created to showcase the project evolution. It bears the name of my new brand: Nuit et Compagnie.

There are moments when we seem to jump into the void, so the risk seems great. And then, gradually, we realize that no jump has ever been done while sitting on the chair. And that around us there are more friends than we think.

Thank you for reading this text, which seemed so long. I did not want to make it short, I did not want to run. It is so chic to walk.


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