My mustard crop top

I did not have a clear idea on what I could make with this mustard embroidered silk fabric, but I was certain that I absolutely needed to have it. And as I’m generally very tight-fisted with fabrics, I bought 50 cm only. It was enough for a short sleeves crop top. That is why I show you today, in October, a mustard top which recalls copper leaves and is short like autumn days.

This is one of my very first projects and, at the time I did not really want to complicate myself with 2D flat cut mathematics. So I cut two square pieces of fabric, I insert the sleeves how I could and I added the darts when trying the top directly on me. I put more time to line it than to build it. As you can see, you can sew on flair. It was obviously the first and last time I acted like this as I realized that I could not longer avoid putting my nose in books and drawing patterns in a more rigourous way.

So here are some pictures of my mustard top. With casual pants and studded boots, to light up its metallic glow.







And you, have you ever cut and sewn on instinct, without a pattern?


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