The checkered shirt

The lockdown gave us more time at home, but not necessarily more motivation or ideas. As far as I am concerned, I cannot be creative while being anxious. However, from these past 6 weeks there are two transformations that are worth showing.

The first is an old plaid shirt whose fabric is so soft that it is a real pleasure to wear it next to the skin. To achieve this upcycling, there were a few steps:
– cut sleeves and collar

– turn the shirt upside down and at 90 degrees to form the new neckline from the old button placket

– pick up the old neckline and make it disappear in smart folds

– leave the old bottom of the shirt to form one of the sleeves

– sew the old sleeves together and form some folds

– tie the knot thus created on the shoulder and add a few buttons here and there to sophisticate the whole

Hoping that this recycled shirt would inspire you, I can only wish you more ideas and strength for the coming weeks.



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