A dress full of checks

I am going through a period of fabrics under-consumption: my sewing years have left me a lot of remaining fabrics and I am facing typical problems of our time: buy or reuse, store or throw away … I trust my economical instinct and I use my unused fabrics first, before buying new ones, even if these left-over fabrics do not always correspond to my desires from the moment.

So here I am in a phase of post-move lull. I glimpse through my fabrics and find a piece of cotton tartan. If you have been following me for more than 2 years, you may remember my 100% organic cotton pajamas, named “Miss Baker”, which became my favorite clothing for the cold winter nights.

Miss Baker Nuit et Compagnieimg_7201

I undertake to cut a dress of simple shape and easy manufacture in this cotton shirt, cozy and fine. Because I am also in a period of under-manufacture: any sewing project is thought 10 times before taking out the scissors. The lack of time and my 4 years of sewing push me to projects that easily complement my daily wardrobe and results are almost safe.

I did not even make a pattern for this dress, only used my mannequin. I put the fabric at an angle and cut a neckline and sleeves into it. I added 2 squares on the sides to lengthen the skirt and once finished, I created the fold behind to absorb the surplus fabric.

It is not the most refined dress I have ever sewed but I would have pleasure to wear it. Luckily for the photos, I managed to finish it before the Great Cold.

And you, did you change your way of sewing over time?







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2 thoughts on “A dress full of checks”

  1. I really like this dress! Perfect for cold weather. I am currently letting go of fabrics that I have held onto for far too long. I’m tired of storing and moving all the bins! Thank you for sharing your creations and knowledge.

    • thank you for your kind message and keep letting go…there is no shame in de-storing old stuff

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