How to draw a round collar

I had the idea for this tutorial when drawing the model “Miss Baker”. The round collar or Peter Pan collar is one of the easiest to trace, nevertheless, by reading all of my pattern-making books, I could find no less than 4 different methods for drawing. I deliver here the simplest one, extracted from the book “Sewing: Create his own patterns” by Jo Barnfield and Andrew Richards, published by Eyrolles Editions.

First, finish your front and back bust pattern, including all necessary enlargements.

Second, lower front neckline of 1 cm. Close the shoulder a nd collar darts if any. It is not necessary to close the back shoulder dart. Figure 1.


Place the front and the back patterns by overlaping their shoulder line with 2 cm at the shoulder. Draw the shape you want for your round collar. Figure 2.


If you want a larger collar and a more pronounced fold, increased the overlap. The under collar can be cut slantwise and it is generally interfaced.

Then draw the upper collar by adding 3 mm all around. This will allow the collar to stand flat and the seams to slide to the under collar. Figure 3


Don’t forget to mark sewing notches for the center back and shoulder and add seam allowances.

This method can be applied to all flat collar without collar stand. You can draw now.


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    • Hello Julia, I’m afraid the collar of Melania Trump is quite different: really high and overlapping in the front, I am pretty sure that my pattern won’t work..

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