A black, very black skirt

There are projects that are not born under a good needle … Even when all conditions are met, and the sky cleared, the work is so painful and the result
below expectations, that we wonder what pushed us to launch in the adventure …
This black skirt is the perfect example of a project that pushed the limits of rational explanations.

The fabric was a woolen cloth so soft and silky, so easy to sew it as it seemed to suit a lot of projects: pleated, draped, it would have fit with any pattern.
But I should have guessed that problems will occur when I realized that there were so many choices that it was hard for me to fix myself on a specific model … I have been hesitating for several weeks, having no clear inspiration. At one point, as if someone had given me an ultimatum, I threw myself on the very first idea that went through my head and I started cutting without a pattern.

Cutting without a pattern is possible and it does not necessarily lead to a disaster, when the model is simple and you feel confident … There, the model was simple, but I did not feel confident. I still launched myself and I still do not know why

All I needed was to create a tube, add darts to the waist, sew a zipper and add an extravagant detail at the end of the project.

But the extravagance started with the installation of the invisible zipper. It has been 2 or 3 years since I sewed my last invisible zipper, I did not master this technique anymore. I watched 2 or 3 videos on the Internet to remind me. But the model of the skirt played me a trick.

As the wrong side of the fabric in the back of the skirt becomes the right side in front of the skirt, with some pleats, I sewed it twice. At the end of the 2nd try, I was still unhappy with the placement, I found that the sides were not balanced, therefore I took my seam-ripper… and heard the sound of the fabric that was tearing … In other words, my chakras were seriously starting to close .

I had to take everything off, cut the fabric on the tear and sew it all together again .

Then it was the belt which made me see all the colors . I did not create a facing as I thought that a ribbon on the back of the belt would do the trick. But sewing the belt on the machine was too difficult, the stitching never fell in the right place, so decided to sew it by hand.

Once worn, the skirt seriously curled at the waist, I had to undo my beautiful hand-stitched belt to interline it.

Miraculously, laying the lining was easy.

The hem turned out tough, because of the right and wrong sides … I had already spent about ten hours on this skirt, I thought that I would never finish it.

Here comes the day of the photos. As always, it requires about fifty poses to choose 2 or 3 at the end, but that, I’m already prepared for.

At the end of the session, I crouched down to remove my shoes and I heard a devastating noise, the sound of the loose zipper … leaving me with the skirt completely open on the front . I never stop thinking about it . How would I have reacted if the unfortunate accident happened on the street, at work, with friends. I would have been traumatized for a very long time …
Today, the skirt is sleeping quietly in my closet.
Meanwhile, I stitched the teeth of the zipper, leaving only a small section “at risk” . I do not know when I would dare I put it again.

In the meantime, I try not to venture on too dangerous terrain, and to sew clearer and more structured projects … like the jeans that I will show you next time.

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