Another tweed jacket

I haven’t been very productive this winter. Weariness, lack of ideas, space or simply need. Not very active on the blog either, it’s like I closed the doors of the apartment to give myself a 3 month stay on a sunny island. When I came back, I was a little surprised, because the plants (you) were still alive. You keep leaving me comments, and this makes me very happy, I will try to return to my blog more often.

So this jacket continues the tradition started last year. I bought the fabric from the same website because I was very happy with the quality. In addition, the range of the offer is vast. This time I choosed a navy blue Barleycorn. In order to give it even more warmth and hold, I sewed a thin layer of padding, on the pieces, before assembling them. It’s magic, with a fur lining, this jacket is a real anti-freeze.

I draw a simple model, you know me, a straight and fairly wide cut, a large shirt collar (and again I realize that it is a bit tight), back-seamed sleeves, piped pockets and Brandenburg closures. It is a darling comforter jacket, I would wear it every day, the only drawback is the white fur which is likely to get dirty very quickly.

So I arrived at the end of winter with a jacket planned for months. But with the cold coming back, I could wear it for a few more weeks. Continuing at the same pace, I need to get started immediately to sew summer clothes if I want to show something at the right temperature. See you soon then.

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