Alberta Feretti and the femininity reloaded

In the fashion design sphere, if you look at the most inspirational designers, you’ll notice that there are two golden tracks leading to success: on the one hand, you’ll see genius kids having proved their talent within the world famous fashion schools, and in the other hand, you’ll have feet on the ground entrepreneurs that instinctively found the key to make their brand successful. Alberta Feretti is a very convincing representative of the second path.

A seamstress’s dauther, Alberta Feretti opened her own clothing store at age of 18 and launched her own ready-to-wear brand at 24. Rather than put all her efforts in having a fashion diploma, she initiate herself into the business of style by leveraging her two main assets: mother’s kow-how and personal taste. Since then, she continues to grow, launches a second line, Philosophy, and continously opens new shops worldwide.

Her evening gowns are described as glamorous, sensual, poetic and meant for red carpet. However, her last show in Milan is a summary of simplicity, femininity and sophistication that can rarely be seen on catwalks. Her dresses are so wearable, relaxed and yet distinguished that I can hardly choose only one of them. This is for me, what makes her style so timeless.

But let’s see what were the most powerful moments of the show (photos are from

First we see the Frida Khalo’s descendants in white draped embroidered dresses. Nothing very conceptual nor rule-breaking but I want them all for the next spring.

Broad-striped skirts and dresses are ultra-wearable and refined without being stuffy.

Black cocktail dresses in crochet, lace and organza can figure in any Parisian, Chinese, Italian or New York closet. They are somehow very primal and sophisticated in the same time.

In the evening, Alberta Feretti transforms the woman into a colorful and mysterious nymph who knows how to dance, walk and move without worries. These dresses are like a second skin.

The models’ hair and makeup are ethereal, poetic and simple, all the attributes of Alberta Feretti’s collection.

And you, what did you think of her show? Have you had any fashion crush in Milan ? Find all my favorite looks from New York, London and Milan on Pinterest.




2 thoughts on “Alberta Feretti and the femininity reloaded”

  1. After a life of interest mainly in fast cars and computer games, I am just now learning to sew for myself, and have found my way to your wonderful site from your tutorial at Burda. I read this post because I am reading all of yours and finding insight and wisdom in each. In truth, I could not pick out one designer’s creations from another, and before now would only have glanced at these pictures with passing interest, but your description for each creation was spot on and made me look again at what catches the eye in fashion. Since then I am devouring your elegantly illustrated and well-written tutorials, seeing where I made mistakes on my first two sewing projects, and how important it is to have precise measurements and my own pattern shells. I have always thought I was just shaped badly, which is why clothes never fit well. Now I understand I’m simply shaped differently. I can’t thank you enough for helping me find my fit.

    • thank you for your message, it makes me really happy to know that my tutorials and posts (that often take so much time to write and edit) are helpful for you and others…this is the power of blogging, connecting people with the same interests and the same problems…creating made-to-measure clothes was my first objective when I start sewing because, guess what, me too like so many others, I am shaped differently than the standard ready-to-wear industry shells…so do not let standards bring you down, make your own beautiful clothes for your own special person and enjoy sewing

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