Cristina Couturier

This is a pattern-making and sewing blog aiming to help those who, like me, are looking for inspiration, or wishing to improve their technique or to learn pattern-making.

I have never taken any academic pattern-making or sewing classes, everything I know I learned it from books and from tutorials found on the Internet.

I make my own patterns, starting from a basic shell and adding darts, pleats, pockets and collars. This is more difficult when you are a beginner, but it allows a logical learning process and the freedom to create whatever you want. In addition, patterns are already of my size. I give you here the keys to start, it is up to you to play and create by using your own ideas.Creating your own clothes brings immediate satisfaction and a sense of total freedom. But starting from scratch to build a new habit leads to a fabric consumption of fabric, which can be in time, not negligible. More and more, I turn myself to up-cycling worn clothes to give them a second life. There are certainly more constraints but the game is infinitely more fun and so less resource-consuming. You can reuse my recycling ideas or find yours, but especially think about it before buying a new fabric.

You can also find me on social networks. I love Pinterest to collect my favorite looks and define my mood board. I rarely post on Instagram despite the fact that I connect to it on daily base. I believe that quantity will eventually override the quality because, whatever we do, creation process always requires time and deep thought.

Now you know everything, or almost, or just enough to stay In the mood for Couture?