A water like color blouse

What is the color of the water? Nobody can be sure but everyone sees what it is. For me, it’s a green close to emerald but for another it could be azure or turquoise. Everyone has his/her own color for water, I would say.

I went to get this fabric till the end of 93 department in the north of Paris. It was a kind of Sunday adventure, to give myself a goal to cross the ring road and feel the joy of the trip. It was sunny, otherwise we would not have dared. Between yards and garages, at the end of a not very welcoming courtyard, there was Bennytex, the cave of cheap fabrics.

I may not have felt the full potential of the place, because after 20 minutes, I had already finished the tour, with my 2 pieces of cloth … The vendor offered us a coffee but all I wanted was information and fabrics, so I declined this welcoming but late gesture. It was more than a year ago, I did not reiterate the experience and their website appeals me more than their warehouse.

I wanted a blouse to match with everything … it’s funny, we always want to create interchangeable and timeless pieces but at the same time with personality and color. So we endlessly rack our brains and one day we are surprised to cut and sew without asking any more questions.

For this fabric, I choosed a straight blouse, with pleats at the top of the bust and sleeves and a neck closed by a knot in a ribbon from a perfume box. This is not a very complicated model, the only technical point is the fact of sewing a slippery fabric without derailing.

Of course it does not match with everything but it does not matter, because it’s soft, fluid and very green. A blouse for any time of the day and for any season.

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