A silk skirt

I had wanted to sew a silky skirt since a while, but I was lacking the right fabric and the right pattern, which is pretty much essential.

For the fabric, I tried my luck at GeneralDiff, because I knew they were selling fine haute couture rolls, and well, I was right, I found emerald green silk satin, from Lanvin, as I dreamed, fluid and heavy at the same time.

For the model, I had a vague idea of ​​what I wanted but, on the contrary of what I advocate here, I haven’t done a canvas before. I just molded the fabric over me, not even the mannequin, and carried by blind trust, I cut it in half, at an angle, to have the flexibility and curves I imagined. On the back, I had fun making pleats and overlays to absorb the fabric excess, and I used snaps and covered buttons for closure.

I took risks to cut straight off like that, but in the end I am quite happy with the result. On the other hand, I would be unable to reproduce exactly the same model, and this argument should be enough to convince you not proceed like me.

On the few photos taken in a hurry between two dates, in a dark staircase, with an inexpensive phone, we do not see all the details, but at least you have a glimpse of the silhouette, and maybe that would give you too, the desire to experiment with silk.

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