A pre-view of 2015 summer trends

Although many of you are already on holidays, I find it quite appropriate to write about next year fashion trends. You might had already finished the sales by now and you think you have filled your wardrobe for this summer? Well, let’s see if you are hype enough for 2015 (sarcastic laugh).

Did I manage to tear yourself away from the summer torpor or the pre-holiday burn-out? If so, you deserve to know the future! As you have guessed, I don’t have any special ability but I love to wander around designers. And when they present their collections a year in advance, as they do during Who’s Next Trade Show, I do not miss a bit.

Here are the 10 major trends for 2015 spring /summer ready-to-wear:

1. The white shirt. We are not talking here about simple and basic shirt to work but the unique and “couture” piece of garment, with extreme lengths (belly or knee) and / or asymmetrical cut like those created by White Posture. Return to an austere purity.

2. The duster coat (read trench coat or light raincoat). Oversized, fluid and grey. As a search for anonymity. Rue Blanche

3.  The plastic. Technology has tamed this material and made it malleable. We can make dresses and shirts. I love the futuristic look, but I doubt that it is very comfortable to wear. Ioana Ciolacu

4. The infrared colors. As a 80s sunset in pink, deep red and neon citrus. Sarah Sumfleth

5. The metal. Hip hop, trash, neo-barbarian, but wearing metal can be annoying at the airport. Michal Taharlev

6. The weaving. Luxury sportswear LeTom.

7. The tiles print. It was time that fashion inspires from decoration, right? Kelly Love

8. The bumbag. This accessory who revives after 30 years, allows to carry your life around your waist. Wear it on your front, belt-like on your hip, or maybe on your back. Recycle one of your parents’ and dye it in gold! Not for me, though. Ina Kent

9. The jogging pants. In shiny polyester, it looks cool but shortens your silhouette. Wear it only if you measure more than 1.70m girls. Acquaverde

10. The black. Dark, deep, total dark glamour look that combines sensual volumes and agressive shapes. Hanger

Now that I made you walk from white to black, I wanted to finish with a wonderful discovery I made at Swimwear and Lingerie Trade Show, held at the same time at Paris, Porte de Versailles.

It is the Spanish brand, Costa del Algodon, which creates nightshirts, dressing gowns, kimonos in cotton voile and silk, enriched with velvet ribbons. What a joy to see and touch their romantic and sophisticated creations in exclusive prints vintage-inspired from old fabrics and paper paints.

It changed me from all the bimbo panties and bras which overhelmed my vision. Or, maybe I have taken the wrong lane.


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