A leather skirt

I love leather clothes. I’ve never known anyone who does not like this fabric. It’s resistant, waterproof and supple. Humans wear it since prehistoric times. Certainly, at that time, an animal skin served to cover and to protect from the cold. Today it is a fashion factor. And who says “fashion” also says “excessive consumption”, so we might need to consider the ethical and environmental issue of the quantity produced, the tanning conditions, the leather alterations and the other alternatives. I did not have a very defined view on the issue, but I treat this material with the utmost respect.

Like when I found this beautiful cow crust, a little stiff and rough, but in a beautiful color. I tried to cut the leather by keeping almost all of it and adding the minimum sewing: one single dart in the back and a zipper on one side. I cut the hem freehand and left the raw edges.

Of course I put my sewing machine in danger (a Heavy Duty) and I broke two “special leather” needles and, in some places I had to sew it by hand, but this leather skirt is so powerful that I feel ready to keep it for at least 20 years. Yes, I think we’ll grow old together, the crust and me.










And you, have you ever sewn leather pieces? What do you think of this fascination that the fashion planet has for leather? Do we need to use animal skins for dressing in, 2014? With what would you replace the leather (in the case of shoes for example)? I am very curious to read your answers.


2 thoughts on “A leather skirt”

  1. Wow! Another gorgeous creation…I think I’ll have to chop up my husband’s old leather jacket & try to make one for myself! =O)

    • I think you should indeed and show us the result! it is so funny to chop the leather

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