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If you do not follow me since the beginning of the blog you probably do not know that 4 years ago I created my brand of nightwear, called “Night and Company”, hoping to improve with my ethical contribution the 2nd most polluting industry.

I wrote a post here about the origins of my project. This project was born quite quickly because I was selling my first 2 models after only few months later

And then, nothing but silence… Some of you asked me about this project and to be sincere I did not really want to talk about it … By the way, even now, 4 years later, I do not bring the subject back easily.

But as I am going through a rather hectic period from professional point of view, this situation, far from worrying me, opens my eyes and my mind towards the acceptance of life as it is, and towards its lessons. Because in life, either you win or you learn.

4 years ago I learned a lot from my project. I will not detail here all the problems and anxieties that I went through, but only a couple of milestones.

Here are the facts: in spring 2014 I decided to create my brand of nightwear made of organic cotton, and manufactured in France. I obviously chose a short path to reduce costs. I studied the market, I contacted manufacturers and suppliers, I read about legal issues … with my idea in mind, a good dose of confidence and some information, I created my company in July the same year . In autumn, I made the prototypes and the photos, I started the manufacture of the first model, already thinking about the second, I created the e-commerce site, I visited fabric trade shows and I sought for partnerships. I started the sale in November and a few months after I realized that all that went a little too fast …

In reality, I did not take the time to test my idea, my prototype, my suppliers, my prices … As a matter of fact, I should take one step after another, and constantly readjust my convictions with those of others . Being an entrepreneur is for me the most difficult job. The financial and emotional security is a matter of perception, the challenges accumulate day after day and the time always seems too short …In addition to that, we have a family with very young children .. .

Few months later, I returned to the starting point and I completely abandoned the idea of selling pajamas or anything else … And it was silence for 4 years.

But as the past is only the past and, after all, my pajamas were finally produced as I wanted, it’s about time to sell the last pieces … So, if you want to a make (you) a nice gift and the idea of a pajama tempts you, send me a private message and I will tell you more. But if you just want to help me without cost, you can simply share this post or talk about it, it will be a very nice gesture.

“Miss Daisy”, organic cotton pyjamas, exclusive print, sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

pyjamas en coton biologique

“Miss Baker”, organic cotton pyjamas, sizes S, M, L

pyjamas en coton biologique

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  1. I’ve thought about doing this in various forms since college without going past the first step. I hope you realize how amazing it is you got that far and were wise enough to call it.

    • Yes I realized my luck but also my lack of preparation…but do not regret anything today, hope you too you will go further till the limit of your dreams

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