1 year of blogging. To be continued…

No doubt, if we think about the age of my blog, I’m still a baby. I’m about to blow my first birthday candle without having all my teeth.

Each written post and each finished sewing brought other ideas in my mind. Not only projects, also ways of doing things.

Growing demands a lot of effort, but what a joy to see my projects published and my tutorials shared. You, dear readers, you gave me a lot of energy and courage when I was not sure about myself. Now that I am one year old, it is time for me to make my first step.

I promised to give you news about my new project. I would take the time to tell you all that starting next week.

I also wanted to tell you that, during my summer absence, I realized how much I enjoyed deep reading rather than speed reading the blogs.

You might have been noticed, as much as I have, that we are living the paradoxical age of both empiness and fullness. Every second brings billions of new pictures or tweets on the Web. A video at every corner, a link on each paragraph. We swallow rather than taste the meal and at the end of the day, we are stuffed and still not sated. Do we still have time and energy to carefully explore all interesting and available content? And there are so many things to come…

With my blog, I will try to compose useful and inspiring posts, without drowning you with my 2. 0 presence. Quality rather than quantity is what will make me move forward in the coming year.

And you, what do you want to see and read in my blog? Are you still, maybe less or even more In the mood for Couture?


4 thoughts on “1 year of blogging. To be continued…”

  1. Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! I, too, often wonder about blogging and how I should continue with it – whether to take it super seriously and schedule blog posts or to continue to post as the mood strikes me. Your blog, of course, has a lot of helpful instruction, and I am endlessly inspired by your imagination and style. I’m looking forward to more in the coming year.

    • Thank you Claudia and keep blogging! whenever you want, you are the only one entitled to choose the frequency of your posts, your readers will understand

  2. Thank you for all your efforts and happy birthday! I love your tutorials. It is really encouraging to understand the basics of the patterns!! I wish you lots of energy and inspiration for the future year.

    • Thank you, I already feel more inspired for other pattern tutorials

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