A backless top in a shirt

My penultimate upcycling goes back a year ago … the summer of 2017 was full of transformations of shirts as you can see here, here or here and here …. Since, since I lacked the raw material, I had to content myself with rolls of cloth like everyone else.

When I finally got a new shirt, I wondered if I still had ideas for transformation … but as the game is more fun than the result, I let myself be carried away by the inspiration and following a very vague idea, I began to “skin” my shirt into smaller and smaller pieces, as you can see below:

My first idea was to have something totally asymmetrical, a bare shoulder, a front longer than the back, pieces of fabric that hang more on one side than the other …

But in the end, I completely changed my mind and I started on a backless top a little less spectacular. The front is formed by pieces of sleeve that tie behind the neck. Below the waist and in the background is the old front with the button placket up, which is tied in the back …

Fortunately the summer was hot and I was able to wear this top during the days at 37°C and evenings at 32°C without feeling the slightest chill in my back.

So, convinced by this transformation?


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