The rosy dress

This dress comes from a desire to sew silk, a difficult and misleading material butwith undeniable qualities: summer or winter, a silk dress gives a certain alure.

I wanted a dress inspired from Roaring Twenties, fluid and not over-dressed. The only precious detail is the wave-shaped bottom border of lace.

It’s a dress that is definitely too wide for me, I could weigh 100 pounds and I could still wear it. Somewhere in my calculations I added too many inches. But with a sweater and a belt on top of it, I could hide the extra width.

I wanted to show it because even an error could be interesting. I think I was too confident and enthusiastic (I spent a lot of time choosing the silk and the lace) but did not have enough time to make it. Finally do not aim a too ambitious outcome, but move slowly.

I’m glad to be back on the blog. After a few months absence, I finally found the time to take pictures and write. That is generally the kind of post stirring less interest than a pattern-making tutorial, but it’s the only one I had the energy to write.

And you, would you like to read mathematical formulas or rather see pictures?






One thought on “The rosy dress”

  1. It’s a lovely dress, and SOO close to being perfect, but I can see that the fullness at the front doesn’t sit right in some of your photos (though in some it’s just fine. A matter of adjusting the gathers on the elastic?) A sweater would just add bulk, but a cool wide belt (contrasting leather or complementary beaded) would be great!

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