Funny Fashion Faces

I admit having over-consumed fashion pics in the recent weeks. After hundreds of shows and dozens of designer discoveries, I have reached the most complete bulimia and now need some digestive tea. Imagine how grateful you welcome a talented storyteller after a good hearty meal. In the same spirit, at the end of a month of fashion shows, I want to tickle your common sense with some images that I found odd and funny at Paris Fashion Week. Read more

Alberta Feretti and the femininity reloaded

In the fashion design sphere, if you look at the most inspirational designers, you’ll notice that there are two golden tracks leading to success: on the one hand, you’ll see genius kids having proved their talent within the world famous fashion schools, and in the other hand, you’ll have feet on the ground entrepreneurs that instinctively found the key to make their brand successful. Alberta Feretti is a very convincing representative of the second path. Read more