The pattern of the fitted sleeve

The fitted sleeve is this very tight sleeve that fits the arm and get tighter on the wrist.
To allow easy movement of the arm, the pattern provides a dart to the elbow.
The pattern is quite easy to make, I explain it here in 5 steps, according to the Esmod method:

  1. Once your armhole is set, draw your basic sleeve pattern. Measure around the wrist and add 4 cm of ease, this new length will be your sleeve bottom. Divide your sleeve bottom into 4 and draw vertical lines towards the head of the sleeve. You need to get a pattern like the one in Figure 1 (solid line). If your wrist circumference is shorter than the armhole line, then your sleeve is more like the dotted pattern.  
  1. We will call the 1st vertical line(from the front) the bend line and the 3rd one (from the back) the elbow line. Fold your pattern on the bend line and draw AB in mirror at AB’. On the bend line, from point C, draw a CD line at right angles to DE, such as DE = 1/4 of the bottom of the sleeve, and extend EF = DE. 
  2. Fold again the pattern on the AF line and draw AB” mirrored to AB’. Join FG and GB”.On AF, at the intersection with the elbow line, draw a line perpendicular to GB” and place the point L. Place L ‘at 0.5cm from the L towards the middle of the sleeve and trace GL’B” as a curve .
  3. Extend DE to DH such as HD = DE. Join HK. Make the difference between the length IKH and B”L’G. This surplus will be the value of the elbow dart = KK ‘. Draw KJ = 6 cm. Retrace JK ‘= JK and K’H. 
  4. Retrace the bottom of the sleeve to round off the angle formed in F. Close the dart and the under sleeve so that the sleeve is laid flat. Check IK + K’H = B”G and AB ” = AB ‘. Your pattern is finished. 

It’s a pattern that takes about 15 minutes to complete once you have your base pattern, so feel free to get started and share your experience.


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