«Paris sur Mode»

What’s hiding behind this name? Several trade-shows such as “Premiere Classe”, “The Box” and “Don’t believe the hype.” Still not clear for you? I agree, so let me explain. A few weeks ago, during Paris Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to visit the trade-show “Paris sur Mode” which includes several hundred French and international brands of clothes and fashion accessories. An opportunity for buyers to bet on fashion designers.

I discovered three amazing artists, each one with his unique signature and style.

The first is the Japanese Akihiko Kimura who designs for his brand Lokitho. I stopped in front of his sleek and sophisticated dresses which alternate tulle with velvet straps. The two fabrics were impressively well merged. I also liked the two-lengths skirt and the snowflakes lace. I just love these fresh, refined yet casual looks.





My second favorite designer was London-based Ekaterina Kukhareva. She was bord in Ukraine and graduated from Central Saint Martin’s with BA in Textiles . She is mainly known for her knitted jacquard dresses. Her inspiration comes from Slavic folk and lush vegetation. I love the explosion of colors and the heavy knit that shapes so well.





My third favorite designer is the Irish Una Burke. She produces handmade leather accessories, such as bodices, over-lap jackets, bags and belts by using traditional leather-working techniques and vegetable tanning. I love the hip skirt that overlays as an external skeleton to an outfit. Her influences come from military and medical world. Among her clients we can find Lady Gaga, Madonna and Philip Lim, this is to say that I do not worry too much about her future.

2014_UNA_BURKE 6312

2014_UNA_BURKE 6373

2014_UNA_BURKE 6416

Did you like my fashion bets?


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