Trousers with pleats

I won’t tell you the story of my last 9 months, away from the blog, let’s say other creative projects are carrying me right now and they are quite time consuming. But be assured, I’m not giving up on sewing, far from it, and this slowdown allows me to get to the point, writing more useful posts.

So I’m preparing a tutorial on the pattern of pants with pleats that I recently tried on a navy blue wool fabric, with a felted aspect, which can be worn in winter as well as in mid-season. I am showing you just a few photos, the result of a session that was quick and efficient.

I love these pants, they are very comfortable and give that coolness that I increasingly look for in my clothes. I made such a point of honor to finish the fly, pockets and belt, as slowly as possible, and it worked because I can congratulate myself on having designed pants without the slightest nervousness.

Move forward without hurrying, that may be the answer.


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