One shade of grey coat

When winter is knocking on your door, the best way to answer is to wear a made-to-measure coat. Choosing the right model, the proper fabric, the shape of the collar, the type of pockets and finally, the manner of attaching the lining, all these steps must be carefully prepared and patiently executed even if sometimes you can no longer see the end. But once finished, the coat is the masterpiece of your winter wardrobe, the piece of clothing you are the most proud of as a sewer.

I chose a cement grey felted wool, an exaggerated shawl collar, two welt pockets and a raspberry pink lining to reveal the light grey.

The most difficult part was, as you can imagine, sewing the welt pockets with the leather like bands. On the contrary, drafting and sewing a shawl collar as well as bagging the lining were easier than I imagined. Tutorials are in preparation.

And now enjoy the pics:










5 thoughts on “One shade of grey coat”

    • thank you! giving that I made my own pattern and that I was sewing the lining, the shawl collar and the welt pocket for the first time, I needed almost 50 hours to finish it.

  1. Christina! I LOVE the collar you designed! Would you ever consider a tutorial for this grey coat? Are the welt pockets made with leather? I just discovered your blog. Can’t wait to follow!

    • Hi Karlyn and thank you! Actually the coat is very simple, so I preferred to write a tutorial on the most complex part: the shawl collar (you can find it in the “patterns” section). you are very welcome to my blog

  2. Congratulations on a beautifully executed coat with a big-surprise-lining left until the last picture! The choice of buttons and pocket welt is superb. Nice job!

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