My pink hoodie

The inspiration of my today’s hoodie are the silver lace trainers seen during the lastest Chanel fashion show. I wanted to be Karl for a day and combine an extravagant fabric to a casual outfit. This is why I use pink lance for a hoodie.

I ordered the fleece on the Internet, from because it was impossible to find its equivalent to the Saint Pierre Market. 3 weeks of delivery later, I started to think about the pattern. I needed lace in exactly the same tone. Fortunately I found something really not expensive at Toto Tissus. It was certainly not a lace from Calais.

But the lace is fragile, a single hook and the look is finished. So I needed another fabric to protect it, a resistant and transparent one, like tulle.

Once my three fabrics united, I began to overlay them: fleece, lace and tulle. Those who follow me on Instagram have already seen the result a couple of weeks now. I liked the concept so much that I decided to make two hoodies instead of one.

In order to highlight the lace, I had some fun cutting out a couple of fleece strips from the front and the back bodices.

To maintain the three fabrics together and prevent them from slipping during cutting and sewing, I made basting stitches like basting underlining for a tailored jacket. After removing the fleece strips from the front and back, I fixed the openings by a straight seam, right on the edge, which was a bit of a hassle to be honest.

For both hoodies, I tested the raglan sleeve, with and without shoulder seam. Today’s sweat is the seamless shoulder one, a method somehow improvised but that I finally cleared it out when reading the pattern-drafting book from ESMOD.

And because I did not found the stretch waistband in the same color as the fabric, I took the fleece and sew it with a zigzag stitch. This is not ideal because it has the tendency to loose in time.

That’s all for today. I run finishing the second hoodie.








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