My little ethnic jacket

Having a Perfecto is not anymore a sign of rebellion today; this jacket once labelled as punk and rock became a basic to have in different colors and materials.

I wanted to test a Perfecto pattern on a funny fabric, so I found this little expensive gabardine which served me as a working basis. Very ethnic but not warm at all (even lined), this jacket can twist a look under a coat or a leather jacket (not a Perfecto though).

When the photos have been taken, there were 15-20 °C in Paris and playing overlays did not tempt me at all. So what you have here is the mid-season look, over a white Tee to bring out the colors.






I left the hems unfinished to give it a rough look. The difficulty of this jacket was matching the fabric pattern for all the pieces. And giving that I use a fitted pattern, there were plenty of seams and pieces to match. Speaking of pattern, the explanations will follow shortly after.


6 thoughts on “My little ethnic jacket”

  1. thank you, the colours are great indeed, but if I should sew it again, I would make less darts 🙂

  2. The jacket is envy worthy, your hair is gorgeous, and your lip color is perfection! Back to the jacket, the unfinished hems really keep it looking current.

    • Hi Rael, indeed, the neckline is a little bit higher, good to know for the next time

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