My baroque vest

When I choose a fabric to sew I show two complete opposite tendencies: the materials I prefer are either plain and ultra-pure (see the grey coat, the black blouse or the burgundy dress) or they are rich and baroque (see the vest today, the ethnic jacket or the mustard top). The pattern should be either non-existent or totally crushing, the middle way having no interest in my opinion.

The fabric of the waistcoat is hard to describe: a navy blue base on which patterns in gold and burgundy velvet stand out. This is an upholstery fabric, designed to warm the seats rather than the shoulders, but the day of purchase its shimmering reflections made me forget this detail.

The difficulty of this waistcoat was neither its lining nor the pattern matching but its welt pockets. The fabric is pretty thick and the piping were hard to sew.

An autumn vest that I chose to combine with many golden bracelets and a male printed silk scarf. More is more.











3 thoughts on “My baroque vest”

  1. This jacket really rocks! And you styled it so beautifully too. I love using home decor fabrics too. They come in much more interesting patterns and colours.

  2. I’ve done the same thing a few times – make something from upholstery fabric. There was the sort of chartreuse velvet pantsuit I made for a Christmas party probably 30 years ago. Every one knew I made most of my clothes and I was always getting the question. “You didn’t make that did you?” When I replied yes, my DH boss stated, “Well, you are sure well upholstered”.

    • very funny! I hope you still have these pantsuits 🙂

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