The pattern of the pocket

If you’re making pants without thinking of pockets, it’s like drawing a face without putting on a smile. You lack this detail that helps the hands not knowing what to do or a silhouette seeking to be composed nonchalantly.

This post shows the birth and youth of a pocket, because you also noticed, the pocket does not age, it succumbs suddenly, obviously at the least opportune time.

But let’s see how to go about designing an Italian pocket or a pocket of jeans. Before you start, spread your fingers (slightly, not like a duck) and measure their width to determine the correct pocket opening. Your hand must come and go effortlessly … nothing is more annoying than getting stuck in a pocket, especially when it’s your turn to pay.

1 Take your pretty pants, city or sports pattern, and trace your AB pocket opening taking into account the measurement taken before.

2. Draw a horizontal line through A and mark a point A ‘on the outside of the pants at a distance of 0.75-1 cm from A. Then draw your entire pocket knowing that your hand must be comfortable inside.

3. Simply trace the bottom of the pocket and the pocket bag. The upper part is wider than the under one, it allows the pocket to be positioned towards the front.

4. You can of course invent your own pocket opening shape, a weird pocket shape can be the killing detail.

5. Do not forget to trace the pattern of the front trousers following the new pocket opening, it will be a shame to be wrong at this point.

And here is your pocket, if is large to the middle front (as in Figure 3 and 4), you will need to do a vertical seam to stop the front pocket. You do not want to push your hands to the belly button, do you?

If your pocket stops well before, as in Figure 5, you do not need to do this seam and you can even cut it to the fold.

As the pocket is in the pocket now, make two, your left will not be jealous of the right, and you’ll have room for your keys, phone, badge, handkerchiefs, sweets, running lists, gloves, bus tickets, French keys, and what do I know yet … but do not wear all the content of your handbag in your front pockets, you may stumble forward and crush your smile, the real one, not the pants’ one.


2 thoughts on “The pattern of the pocket”

  1. Hey!
    I really like your detailed guides! I want to try some of them out, because you have delivered exactly what I have been searching for for so long!
    Please tell me the zipper guide will be up for the jeans soon 🙂

    • Hi Rune, thank you so much for your message. I will post the zipper guide after the holidays, end of August

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