The kimono

If a beginner asked me which piece to start to, I would suggest the kimono … the pattern is simple, the sewing too and the result is so spectacular

For the pattern, we do not even need paper, we fold the fabric, cut the collar and the underside of the sleeves … same for the lining. There is just a little trick to know so that the lining slips easily in, one day I will talk about it.

The collar was a bit more complex, I had to do it directly on the mannequin, because it depends on the curvature of the neck, but in the end the project took me much less time than another, because I did not unstitch a single point, and I truly enjoyed sewing the two pretty fabrics together.

For photos, I was helped by a sunset on a white island, not even need a great photo device or makeup, natural light was largely enough … in short, this kimono is pure happiness.

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