The maxi dress

The weather has been beautiful for so long this year that I wonder well how we are going to react to the first real signs of autumn. Today I wanted to save this soft light and velvety air of September in a secret box of my memory, dear as a last chance …

I am following this Indian summer by showing you a long dress sewn this summer. It is my very first one because, being small, I have never dared to wear a maxi dress before… But this year I wanted a flowery dress which would remind me a prairie where everything would be soft and wonderful.

I thus broke the rule by choosing the maximal length. However, I lightened the silhouette by rounding the front hem.

The second broken rule was the fabric choice. Usually, I am unrelenting on its nature and quality, I wear and sew only cotton, linen or silk. I had a crush on this viscose because of the print. As the dress is quite loose, I finally find the viscose comfortable to wear.

For the model I chose a wrap dress, added ruffles on the hem and on sleeves and left the cut without darts. The first time that I wearied this dress, I was surprised by its weight, in spite of the visible lightness of the fabric. This weight contrasted with all that I was used to wear on summer, thus not so surprising finally.

For photos, we chose a disused mill which, besides being deserted, was situated near our holiday cottage. Only the mooing of cows gave rhythm to our photography session and we imagined ourselves in a cinema set. Finally we discovered that the mill had become a nightclub! We were not the first ones to have noticed the potential of the place.

It might be the last project I show you for this year, not that I am going to stop sewing, far from there, but I believe that you are many to wait for other pattern-making tutorials. Thus, I will end up the fashion show and make place for drawings. Good start of the school year to everybody!

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