Sewing Inspiration from 2015

My posts became so scarce recently … a full-time job, a family with two children. Hours for sewing or writing seemed inexistent … time was running so fast, weeks and months without taking me forward on the path I believed following … but enough sorrow, we are in holiday season and I will not darken myself with everything I could not do but open up to the future and new projects.

Meanwhile, I’ve put together a small selection of sewing projects achieved by talented seamstresses and bloggers from around the world. The order is completely random.

From Canada, the Petite Josette sews patiently colorful and humorous outfits. For her, it is not productivity that counts but the quality of the result. Her creations seem both fresh and timeless.
1_Petite Josette - III_3769 - Summer Dress - by Brice Ferre Studio
2__6642 - Petite Josette Sewing Projects -er

From Norway, Nina pours her rich creativity on creating clothing. You can download patterns made by herself. I like her preppy style with touches of color:

From Japan, Chie has created her clothing line “Vivat Veritas” in complete autodidact. Everything is handmade and her style blends femininity and innocence.

From Poland, Mustikka sews simple and graphics clothes that go very well with her tomboy style of an apparent austerity.


From California, Jade shares her fashion inspirations and sewing tutorials in a sexy and so west coast street style. I am especially fond of her leather creations.


From Lebanon, Sabrina shares her personal creations and offers sewing classes in her studio. I like her palette that ranges from glamorous 50s to chic sportswear of 2000s.

From Switzerland, Miushka has created her blog after sharing her achievements on Instagram. I discovered her by participating in the contest “the refashioners 2015” that Miushka won with her shirt turned into pants. Her blog tracks the learning process of a beginner full of talent.

Wishing you a New Year full of friendship, love and serenity, and sewing moments as many as you want.


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