Make a custom pattern with “mode pour lol”

As I was saying in my previous post, I have recently discovered “mode pour LOL” videos. I found it very visual and accessible and I wanted to try this method of pattern-making for the bust. I was already happy with my results from Gilewska method, but it has been a while that I has not amused myself with calculations and therefore I was ready to re-new with pattern-drafting.

The method of “mode pour lol” adds ease to the measurements before dividing everything by 2 or 4. The advantage is that at the end, you no longer need an additional step because the pattern is already ready to try. Then there are some shortcuts that facilitate the construction task, eg standard measurements for neck and shoulder dart. In Gilewska method, these measures are based on calculations from measurements and require more time, the advantage being that, in the end, the pattern asks very few adjustments.

The video is easy to follow and the fitting part is very well explained. In terms of calculations, I would say that the difficulty is somewhat equal to the Gilewska method, we finally get there and when we cannot, it is mainly because of inexact measurement (there is also a chapter dedicated to this part). I followed the advice to start with a small scaled drawing and to note all the calculations, in order to avoid errors. I drew my pattern on a woven grid paper, which I highly recommend for basic patterns. In addition you can sew it and pin it and avoid transferring the pattern on another fabric. When trying on, I only changed the slope of the shoulders, the rest was perfect.








You can accesss this method for free (with English subtitles) here.

In the DVD, you will find how to make the basic pattern for skirts and pants, several chapters dedicated to sleeves and how to transform basic patterns in different models. To my view, this DVD (in French only) is more than useful and I can only recommend it.


5 thoughts on “Make a custom pattern with “mode pour lol””

  1. HI
    I am Rabindra Padhy, want to know hip and thigh method clearly of trauser.

    • No, the DVD is in french only but on the web you can search for an english version of the video

  2. What is the “profondeur encolure” measurement? Video doesnt say and google subtitles are jibberish.

    • well I guess that if you have the DVD, you have the subtitles in english too

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