Extreme sewing makeover: the upcycled jean

I was the kind of girl who enjoy making room in her closet by throwing away half of its content. I was giving everything that I didn’t like and I was buying something new instead. Until I find myself one day regretting a red sweater that I had in high school or a wool skirt in my 20 years. After all those years spent in sorting out my dressing, too many beautiful pieces had definitively left my wardrobe. And since then, I only give what is ragged and almost dead. I save time, money and regrets.

This pair of Levis narrowly escaped one of my ultimate seasonal cleaning. Too wide, too straight, too blue. A little voice told me it was not about to make a simple refashioning such as skirt or shorts but that probably deserved more ingenuity. And it patiently waited its turn until I discovered the Extreme Sewing Makeover contest on Thread and Needles blog (in French).

And I returned my copy this morning. Upside down pants become a blouse, the half legs become sleeves and another half leg becomes a front panel. Zero waste fashion. The result in pictures:










To achieve this, I undid the inner leg seams and cut in the pants at the knees.


I unpick the outer leg seams to a height of 15 cm for the armholes.


I cut the sleeves in the remaining parts and shrink the pattern at the elbows for an 80s look.


For the front panel in front, I used a half-leg from another jeans. As the colour was different, I placed it on the wrong side. For more effect, I superpose the lateral seam of the leg with the centre seam of my new blouse.


No closure needed, I pull it on like a T-Shirt. It’s very nice to wear next to the skin. In combination with other jeans, the mirror effect of the pockets is troubling.

I had lots of fun with this transformation and I think a re-fashionista was born inside of me. Just look at my Pinterest board to discover other up-cycling ideas, made with humour and talent. We enter the era of re-new, re-make, re-cycle, re-invent, re-create and retrieve.


10 thoughts on “Extreme sewing makeover: the upcycled jean

  1. I just hopped over from Refashion Coop. I just had to see more of your fantastic refashion! It turned out amazing and looks just awesome on you. I’m sure you received many compliments while wearing it.

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