Dress for a summer night

This piece of silk in rosy and browny shades was waiting for me in a drawer for over a year. It took a marriage party and a sudden urge to attack difficult materials to get me to sew again.

I had not touched my sewing machine since last September, too busy in my new job. Fortunately, having constraints (such as not finding the right dress) pushed me to action.

I had a terrible time to choose the model as I had too many ideas: dozens of images collected for years on my Pinterest board reflect my love for lace.

I started with a simple line (H shape dress with elastic waist), which already gives less formal look to silk which is so noble. I then cut a rectangle in lace that I positioned diagonally to create long pleats at the shoulders.

The model seemed simple and I started to assembly it with optimism. As usual, the simplicity with silk is only apparent because the finishes require a slow and careful sewing.

Dress was finished a day before and photographed the same day, before leaving under the gray, threatening and so frequent thunderstorms of this month of June.

In my creative fever, I finished a second silk and lace dress, that I will show you soon, hopefully.






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