Draft your own pattern for a pussycat bow shirt

Here’s how to make your own made-to-measure pattern for a pussycat bow blouse like the one I showed you in the previous post.

You need your basic bodice shell with darts, made on your own measures.


Join shoulder darts with waist darts by rounding angles. Mark notches on all the body lines: arm-to-arm, underarm, bust and waist.


From the center front line, add 3 cm for the overlap and 4 cm for the shirt placket facing.
Also add 3 cm for the hem on the bottom line and 2 cm for the ease on the sideline for both front and back pattern.


Draw the neck facing by joining the back and the front pattern (including the Overlap but without the facing for the placket) on the shoulder line. Draw a parallel line at 5cm to the neckline.


For the pussy bow, measure the total neckline of your pattern (including the overlap but without the facing for the placket) and add 2 * 20 cm or more if you want a larger bow. Draw a band of this length and wide of 10 cm.

For the sleeve, build a basic sleeve pattern and cut it 5 cm below the elbow line.

Here is your finished pattern. Add 1 cm for seam allowances and get ready for cutting.


What do you think, does this pattern seem feasible to you?


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