The denim skirt

At this moment, I am wary of complexity and I avoid getting bogged down in advanced patterns and techniques. The advantage is to sew without unpicking, and to wear finished clothes with pleasure.

After finishing the denim pants, I had some fabric left. As denim skirts are immortal, I designed one, low-waisted, neither too short nor too long, close to the body, and of unequal length. I left the raw edge and added two patch pockets in front to give it a cool finish.

And here are the pictures taken a month ago when the Arboretum of the Valley with the Wolves breathed the color and the perfumes of rhododendrons.

After wearing it 5 or 6 times, I told myself that a high waist could be more in the moment. By increasing the darts behind, the waist went up naturally, and I started wearing it even more often.

The ratio satisfaction and utility / effort and time is safe with this project.

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