The camel coat: Season 2

I do not exactly know the origin of this obsession or of the image that was printed in my mind and made me totally hooked on this color. Perhaps, is that in winter, camel reminds wonderful gourmet memories such as caramel, cognac, cappuccino, vanilla or mocha.

Not entirely satisfied with the camel coat made last year (very warm but also very thick), I wanted to make a lighter version for mid-season.

I found a heavy woolen fabric that spared me the difficulty of interfacing. I chose a simple and straight cut and concentrated more on collar and pockets.

It was not the first time I drew a soft suit collar (incidentally, I would like to write a tutorial for geometry lovers), but sewing it into a thick fabric was a real challenge. The welt pockets also required great precision and finesse; they ended with a double flap, to hide unperfect seams.

For the lining, I chose pink rose. Worn with very black and white python boots, the camel coat is not likely to melt into the greyness of March.

I also created loops for a belt, in case I want to change the shape. But for now, I prefer to wear it without. What do you think?












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