Make your own pattern for a straight strap dress

Sewing a straight dress presents three main advantages: firstly it is fast and easy, secondly the dress photoshops your body when gym and green seeds diet are put on hold… and thirdly, it is so straightforward that you can pair it with all sorts of accessories such as belts, high heels or colorful flats. Read more

How to attach a shirt collar with a collar band

Whether you have decided to sew a custom shirt or you like the challenge, you should know that assembling a shirt collar requires a lot of patience and precision. If, after reading this sentence you start stamping a bit, then the shirt collar is not for you, or at least not for the moment. For those who want to venture, here are a few technical steps Read more

Drafting the bodice pattern

My interest in flat-pattern drafting and cutting started to develop when I realized that I would never find a jacket that perfectly fits me. Dear readers, if you are not filthy rich to make your jackets by a tailor nor a supermodel with perfect measurements, this rule also applies to you. The method I present here allows you to draw a perfectly fitted pattern.  Read more