Princess Pink Fleece

Remember this refashion contest I won on Thread & Needles more than a year ago? For my first place, I had a voucher from France Duval-Stalla that I’ve used recently.

When visiting their website, I noticed their fleece offer, fabric that I love so much in winter for its softness and warmth. I chose 100% brushed cotton in candy pink. It marks a little, which is normal considering its composition, but it is very comfortable to wear and almost as warm as a cashmere sweater.

For the cut, I found inspiration into a Zara sweater I bought a few years ago. The fabric was beginning to loose a bit. The original model had short sleeves, I did a winter version:








With the scrapings I sewed two mini-dresses decorated with pink tulle and silver rose piping. The princess can brave the cold now.



10 lovely outfits sewn in 2014

The end of the year is near so I thought that would be good to make a collection of the most beautiful creations made by non-professional dress-makers in 2014. The following selection includes only my favorite creations and has no other purpose that make you (re) discover outfits sewn with a lot of talent and inspiration.

Regarding children outfits, I found this charming pink wool coat for little girls. I like the Dior fabric, the amount of neccessary work for lining and interlining and the detail of the double collar. Well done, Anne-Charlotte.


I also found this medieval-inspired dress in organic cotton, with hood and waist skirt. Simple though unusual look. Keiko is right to propose this small wonder in her shop.


Let’s go back to Belle Époque and corsets. I was blown away by the meticulous work of Ségolène for this strapless red and gold corset. Making several test-cloth to find the final pattern, stitching three fabric layers, inserting stretchers and sewing lace by hand, it’s nearly «haute couture» for me.

Also inspired by Belle Époque and Alfons Mucha, Lili sewed her own charming wedding dress. I love the central yoke, the drape of the dress and the small chain made by her future husband. They make a great team together.


In my wanderings on the sewing blogs, I also found these two summer dresses, light and spicy, with lots of freshness, brought by two pretty seamstresses.

The first is a strapless dress with an embroidered hem. The idea is very simple but the result is the kind of dress you can put any time and for any occasion if you choose the right accessories. Besides, Carlotta loved so much the pattern that she made several dresses of it.


The second is a printed dress with a twist on the neckline. The skirt falls beautifully on Leisl. All of her creations are full of peps and colors. Her blog is a good antidepressant before winter.


But now look at 20s inspired look of Esther. This young fashion design student found her rosy fur in the scrap bins of her fashion school. I love the colors, the pictures made by herself, the Great Gatsby atmosphere, the accessories, everything.


Another nice sewing talent found to the other side of the Atlantic, Dawn has made a cute little red military inspired jacket I love the color, the cut, the buttons and the photos.


Here’s a dress inspired by Celine shows, a dress with tying sleeves. Katy has made her own version, also chic and intriguing. Like what, browsing Pinterest is not always a waste of time:-)


And finally, Petit Main Sauvage concocted this flattering and comfortable gray jersey dress. She was inspired by 50s silhouette and Nordic sweaters. And no, her cup of tea is not too present in the pictures.


I hope you liked my selection and would come back for further discoveries.

col rond

How to draw a round collar

I had the idea for this tutorial when drawing the model “Miss Baker”. The round collar or Peter Pan collar is one of the easiest to trace, nevertheless, by reading all of my pattern-making books, I could find no less than 4 different methods for drawing. I deliver here the simplest one, extracted from the book “Sewing: Create his own patterns” by Jo Barnfield and Andrew Richards, published by Eyrolles Editions. Read more

A flannel dress

The dress I present today has been finished nearly nine months ago. But the time we make the photos, we were already in the spring. Showing gray flannel in April has a depressing side, so I waited for the cold to be back to write this post. And reshoot some pictures. Read more


Fully Fashioned, the creative challenge launched by ARTE

Fully Fashioned is a competition organized by ARTE Creative, the think tank of the Franco-German TV channel. The aim is to present and reward the best clothing upcycling, the most original refashion. By browsing the gallery you can see creative transformations, but more or less wearable. Having a sense of challenge, I start thinking of an idea, original course, but also a new garment that I could wear every day. Read more

The pantsuit

Indian Summer is a concept that I discovered in Paris. This time of the year when summer finally decides to show up, but just to wave its hand before disapearing for 10 months. Indian Summer is a puzzle when it comes to dressing: summer dresses look too “holidays” and autumn outfits are too warm. What to do? A safe value is the linen pantsuit. Read more

One project

Sometimes ideas come to us when we are the least prepared to receive them. One day, I let my dreams be written by themselves on a white page, and when I wake up, the story got its meaning. I have not been hit by the grace in the middle of my life, but this new project was like a puzzle that solved by itself in a matter of hours. Read more

Summer time, suit time

In winter, I was dreaming of summer outfits, easy and fast sewing projects, and I was imagining a lot of dresses in light and colorful fabrics. When summer came, I found myself sewing suits. Cotton or linen certainly, but with collar, sleeves and pockets, and all the work that goes with that. Read more