Another striped dress

As the thermometer still shows summer temperatures in Paris, I take this opportunity to present you another transformation that I made this summer and that suits this hot weather perfectly.

It was a little more difficult transformation since I was almost out of idea after 3 other shirts transformed within 2 months. But when you think that you lacks ideas, you finnaly find another one…

So I cut the sleeves of this shirt, just like the collar and shoulders, and created a round neckline in the front.

Then I separated the front of the back and put the back upside down in order to have enough width at the top and bottom of the dress and then sewed the sides together.

I then cut and sewed rectangles in the removed sleeves in order to obtain two wide and long strips that I folded half. With these two strips, I created straps which conform to the shape of the front neckline and which end in two hollow pleats in the back.

Last final touch, I folded the neckline inward and sewn it by hand to hide the chest.

And then, another dress came out of a shirt.
Next post will be a patern making tutorial (jeans or raglan sleeve?) in order to keep the mental agility you have acquired by creating your own custom patterns.












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