Cristina CouturierHi, I am Cristina, Romanian-born and living in Paris. If you are reading these lines, you may have liked one of my posts, and I love you.

This is a sewing and fashion blog aiming to help those who, like me, are looking for inspiration, or trying to improve their technique, wishing to learn pattern-making, or just wanting to spend time. Everyone is welcome.

About me. I have never took sewing nor pattern-making classes, everything I know I learned it from books and from my friend Google. You must admit that, in terms of sewing and fashion blogs, the offer is quite substantial. Hence I wanted to create another one, mine. If there are a thousand blogs, there is place for a thousand and one. As the nights.

All tutorials presented here are compilations of tips that worked well for me. They represent what I found the best so far. Do not read them like the Bible, what matters is the final result rather than the path. If you find other ways, simpler and funnier, I’m all ears. I apologize for the quality of the drawings, I’m not an illustrator but I try to improve myself. However, I prefer an imperfect but clear drawing to an incomprehensible picture.

Regarding the patterns, I learnt to make custom ones, starting from a basic shell and adding darts, pleats, pockets and collars. Admittedly, this is more difficult when you start, but it allows a logical learning process and the freedom to create whatever you want. In addition, they are my size. I give you here the key to start, it is up to you to continue. There are additions and subtractions, divisions and multiplications, but hang in there and think that in high school you were solving more complicated problems.

Then there are my creations and refashions.I love both transform old clothes and create new ones.

I love beautiful and natural fabrics, simple cuts, neat details, timeless clothes and I’m increasingly inspired by an ethical and ecological fashion.

Otherwise, I am a connected seamstress. On Facebook I share interesting links, on Pinterest I collect favourite looks, on Instagram I take photos of work in progress. Like and follow me if you want. But what matters the most is the quality of our exchanges, the help and support we give to each other. Your comments.

Now you know everything, or almost, or enough perhaps to stay In the mood for Couture?