A very green shirt

The recycling series takes another step today: the almost zero carbon foot print. In order to accomplish this difficult objective, I took a piece of menswear that conveys so many possibilities: the man’s shirt.

I chose a warm one, in cotton flannel, with impecable collar and cuffs. I made a shirt worn upwards. For this reason, I fold the hem to shortcut the back and get a straight line. I detached the collar and sewed it back on the bottom hem. I shorten the sleeves by folding them. I stitched the chest pocket on one of them.


Put on upside down, the two front sides crossing the chest, this shirt buttons horizontally. A trick that allows me to get different effects depending on how tight the shirt is buttoned.
This transformation requires very little work and generates no scrap fabric. I hardly do better in terms of energy saving and waste management.






If you want to replicate this project for you, choose a very large shirt in a rather thick fabric. The collar and cuffs need to be in a very good condition. Prepare yourself to negociate because these shirts are very appreciated by their owners.


4 thoughts on “A very green shirt”

  1. I hopped over from Refashion Coop to see how you did this clever transformation! I really must try this! You look effortlessly cool!

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